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June/July 2020


Hello Gentlemen

Just wanted to drop a word of encouragement to you all. As we wake up in the morning it is quite easy to let the burdens of this world and everyday life weigh you down. I would encourage you to wake up to God’s word, either in the traditional way in the good book or if you have a Bible app that gives you a verse each day. Choose to find one blessing before you get out of bed that you can focus on for the day. Each time you start to feel upset, angry, or sad, focus on your blessing for the day. As you go throughout the day try to find one blessing that you can bestow upon someone else; just one. At the end of the day go to the Lord in prayer and thank him for your blessing and the ability to bless someone else. Do this for the next couple of weeks. Watch how your life perspective will change on how you perceive things. Our Lord has blessed us with so many things and the devil tries to distort our view on His blessings or make it seem as what He has given us is not enough. We have to keep our minds sharp and heart pure. Don’t let the ways of the world harden your hearts. Do as Jesus has commanded. Love one another!

Just an update–Men for Christ does have a website and a Facebook page. Please like and follow as we will begin to put information on these sites to better communicate. As always thanks for all you men do for the Lord. A special thanks to Judy Clay for continuing her work on The Builder.

Your Brother in Christ, J. R. Donahue


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(From One Body Magazine, Spring 2020)
“As church leaders, one of our most sacred responsibilities is to be custodians of sound teaching and social engagement with our children.” (Jerry Harris)
“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.” (The Apostle Paul)
“The basic task of the church is to teach sound doctrine. It is not to give one pastor’s opinion, to recite tear-jerking illustrations that play on emotions, to raise funds, to present programs and entertainment, or to give weekly devotionals.” (John MacArthur)
“You must not do, you must not even try to do, the will of the Father unless you are prepared to ‘know of the doctrine’” (C. S. Lewis)
“Those who teach by their doctrine must teach by their life, or else they pull down with one hand what they build up with the other.” (Matthew Henry)


Joplin, MO (1929-2020) Reggie Thomas, 91, went to be with the Lord on March 2, 2020, after a sudden stroke. He preached his first sermon at 16 and graduated from Cincinnati Bible Seminary in 1951.

Dallas, TX (1930-2020) Dr. Marshall Leggett, 90, went to be the Lord March 2, 2020, following a recent stroke. Leggett graduated from Milligan College in 1951

Springfield, MO (1936-2020) Ronny Foy Wade, 83, went to be with the Lord January 7, 2020, after a battle with cancer. For 45 years (1963-2008) he was the speaker for the nationally televised program “Let the Bible Speak.”


At some point it has to go from being highlighted in your Bible to being written on your heart.