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Brothers in Christ
Planting new churches has been an important part of the Christian Restoration Movement. In 1834, Thomas Campbell issued a “letter of dismission” for a church plant at Wellsburg, Ohio. He wrote, “Be it known to all whom it may concern, that we have dismissed the following brethren in good standing with us, to constitute a church of Christ at Wellsburg.” Campbell’s church in Ohio, Bush Run, seeded 30 members to start the new church in Wellsburg.

In the early 1800’s, the American frontier consisted of everything west of the Appalachian Mountain Range. During this period, an era of restoration took place in the Christian faith. The words of men like Thomas Campbell and Barton W. Stone inspired men to reach out to those on the frontier. Spreading the good news was not without difficulty for those preaching the ”ancient faith,” and yet it must have been exciting. Frontier preachers had to be bold men, strong in their faith, willing to sacrifice comfort during long trips into the wilderness. They endured weather and sleeping under the stars as they traveled from cabin to town converting thousands to Christ. There were no meeting houses to preach in so they met in someone’s home or barn. In towns, they met in courthouses or public buildings. When the weather was nice enough, they met outdoors where they set up logs and planks to sit on.

When congregations became big enough, they built meeting houses. There were few full-time preachers on the frontier. Many churches had itinerate preachers who traveled from church to church preaching as they went. As congregations grew in size, churches looked to plant new churches since some members were traveling many miles to attend. The church plant at Wellsburg, by the grace of God, expanded the Kingdom.

Our Men for Christ organization has a long history of planting churches. Two recent church plants are Journey Christian Church in Shepherdsville and Christian Church of the Crossroads in Mount Washington. Just as the early Restoration Christians faced difficult times on the frontier, we face the difficulties associated with the COVID 19 virus. I personally miss the fellowship of our monthly meetings and, of course, I miss the wonderful hospitality of the host churches. Although we have not been able to meet as a group for quite some time, your Executive Committee has continued to carry on business through text, email, telephone conversations and our monthly Zoom meetings. I am excited about the coming year and with the grace of God, I pray Men for Christ will accomplish great things in His name. Grace and Peace to you,
— Russell Lunsford, Chairman

It was February 24, 2020. After enjoying a bountiful meal, Bro. John Davis welcomed 131 men from 27 congregations to Columbia Christian Church. Bro. David Brown brought a message from his favorite chapter in the Bible, Romans 8. We departed the meeting looking forward to our next meeting at Egypt Christian Church with Bro. DeLane Pinkston as our scheduled speaker. Of course, the continuing Pandemic has changed everyone’s plans during the past year. I like to remember the good times and pray that we will soon be able to worship and fellowship together again.
— Charles Young

We had our first service in our new building . . . a remodeled skating rink. We had 759 in attendance with 150 in KIDS ministry plus 40 middle school students … and a baptism on our first day! Wanted to say thanks, again, to Men for Christ and their trust in me and partnership in church planting. God is still doing big things here in Mt. Washington and Church of the Crossroads! Just wanted you to know and hear it from me.
— John Parkey

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