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After 14 months, plans are being made to resume meetings. First Christian Church in Elizabethtown has agreed to host the May 24 meeting. Preliminary plans are as follows:
*The Executive Committee will meet at 6 p.m. prior to the general worship meeting at 7 p.m..
*There will be no meal served. Participants are encouraged to eat at one of numerous Elizabethtown restaurants or eat prior to leaving for the meeting.
*There will be ample meeting space for all who prefer to exercise social distancing.
*The worship time will consist of music, a guest speaker, and a business session.
*Additional details will be posted on the website at and in The Builder.

The last offering for the General Fund was received February 24, 2020 at our meeting in Columbia. Most of us found new ways to get our tithes and offerings to our churches even though they were not meeting in person. Fewer men have expended the same effort in getting offerings to Men for Christ. Thankfully, approximately 25 churches have been faithful with their monthly gifts. Although we haven’t been meeting, the normal expenses have continued. So, we need to Catch Up! There will be an opportunity to do that at the May 24 meeting. Or, if you prefer to Catch Up now you can send your check to our treasurer, Randy Herron, 108 Ronaldson Court, Campbellsville, KY 42718.

Thanks to the members who responded to the recent request. Ballots were sent to those whose names are on the email or regular mail address list for The Builder. Both the proposed amendment and the Votaw loan for Bristow Christian were approved by 98.03% of those responding.

The firm of Wise, Buckner, Sprowles & Associates will be conducting an audit of Men for Christ records. If your congregation receives a confirmation request from the auditor, please encourage your leaders (treasurers) to respond quickly. This action will assist the auditor in completing a prompt, thorough examination of our records.

In the mid-1800s Camp Meetings were held on my great-grandparent’s farm on the Kentucky River in Lee County. They were Methodists. Traveling preachers, or circuit riders conducted the meetings. People would travel for miles to hear God’s word. The camp meetings would sometimes last two to three weeks. People would set up tents, sleep in covered wagons or just sleep on the ground. Preachers would jump on a stump or preach off the back of a convenient wagon. Folks brought food and my great-grandparents would provide fresh corn and vegetables from their fields, fruit from their orchards. Cattle and hogs would be killed. No one went hungry. Eager for the Word, people would move from preacher to preacher and old-timey hymns were sung. Soon rumors would spread about a special preacher and crowds would gather. I witnessed one such event while I served in Kuwait in 2002. I was sent to Qatar on a mission as the war in Afghanistan ramped up.

While there I kept hearing about a special chaplain. Attendance in the chapel tent was so large they installed a speaker and seats outside the tent to accommodate the large crowds. That Sunday morning, I got there early and got a seat up front. The small chapel filled quickly and overflowed. Chaplain Northrop did not disappoint me. His message was, “Some thoughts on Trials.” I remember this because I keep the chapel bulletin from that day in my Bible. The sermon scripture was Mark 4:35-41. In it Jesus sleeps calmly on a boat that weathers a severe storm, His disciples panic and wake Him. To their amazement He calms the storm and a lesson in faith is learned. The storm we are going through with COVID 19 will not last forever. The Executive Committee is discussing ways to safely resume our monthly (Camp) meetings. Our brethren at the Beattyville Christian Church have experienced a storm and have shown us the true meaning of faith. While most of their church was still under water, they continued to have Sunday services at a local school gym. Our thoughts, prayers and support are with them.
Grace and Peace to you, Russell Lunsford

Among the hardships caused by the pandemic has been the inability to stay in touch with our brothers in Christ. We have received information recently about the deaths of faithful members of Men for Christ.
*James Colson (Science Hill) 2-19-2021
*Jim Chelf (Lebanon) 12-30-2020
*Ethbert ‘Sonny” Norris (Bohon) 4-5-2021
Sympathy is extended to the families.

“The greatest irony of the ages will be those who were too cool for Christ, and too cool for the church, and too cool for the Bible, and too cool for God; spending an eternity in a place that’s not cool at all.” –Barry Cameron

“Whenever I read the Bible and come across something that I disagree with, I have to assume I must be wrong.” –Francis Chan

“Jesus is not one of many ways to approach God, nor is He the best of several ways; He is the only way.”—A.W. Tozer

Camp Calvary, Mackville, KY

White Mills Christian Camp