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May 2021

First Christian Church at 1811 North Miles Street in Elizabethtown is excited to be hosting our May 24 meeting. Preliminary plans are as follows:
*Executive Committee will meet at 6 p.m. ET
*Worship and regular meeting at 7 p.m.
*No meal will be served.
*Stuart Jones, Senior Minister at First Christian, will bring a pertinent message on Rising From The Rubble.

Among the hardships caused by the pandemic has been the inability to stay in touch with our brothers in Christ. We have received information about the deaths of more of our faithful members:
*Tim VanDyke, 72, Bradfordsville; 1-18-2021
*Elmer Wheatley,Sr., 87, Louisville; 1-25-2021
Sympathy is extended to the families.

Over the years, Memorial Day has become a big holiday weekend. It’s now the unofficial start of summer, rather than a day of tribute to the departed it was originally meant to be. Even if we plan fun events for Memorial Day weekend, it’s important to stop long enough to bow our heads and pay respect to our departed loved ones—especially those who fell in battle while helping preserving America’s liberties. Let us take time to make the pilgrimage to various cemeteries and pause long enough to say, “Thank you, Father, for these special lives, for sacrifices made and for friendships we have shared.”

Ten percent (10%) of the net yearly interest from the Votaw Trust Fund is transferred to the Emergency Fund. This fund is designed to cover needs created by weather damage, floods, earthquakes, fire or other types of natural disasters. In response to a request from Beattyville Christian Church, $10,000 was approved to assist the congregation with the major flood damage incurred.

Our June 28 meeting is set for Columbia Christian Church. Scheduled speaker is Kerry Allen, President of Louisville Bible College. Additional details soon.

Brothers In Christ
Tim Tebow is preparing himself once again for the physical demands of the National Football League. A devoted Christian, he is also preparing himself for the mental demands associated with the hate that has long been associated with his career. There are those who simply can’t resist bad mouthing and making fun of his faith. Football coaches, players and some in the sports media feel so threatened by Tebow’s strong Christian faith that they go out of their way to verbally hate him. In America we place a great deal of value on free speech. Lines have been drawn when it comes to hate speech toward Muslims, Hindus and Jews, as there should be. Gender and race are protected from hateful talk and we often see TV personalities lose their jobs for a slip of the tongue. Apparently, Christians are fair game.
This time Tebow has found some unexpected support from an unlikely celebrity in American culture. Gene Simmons, a Jewish-American member of the rock group KISS spoke up in Tebow’s defense, “It’s a shame that Tebow’s critics would stoop so low and mock the man for holding to his Christian convictions.”
In Acts 5:34-41, the Pharisee, Gamaliel, defended Peter and the Apostles when they were brought before the Sanhedrin and he eventually secured their release. Gamaliel was not a Christian, but he was, just like Simmons, a man who was not afraid to speak up and do the right thing. Just think about how much easier it should be for we as Christians to do the right thing for the Lord.
Jesus Christ was harassed, tortured and eventually suffered a painful death on the cross. He suffered through all of that for us. Do you have what it takes to stand firm against the mockery of hate speech, censorship, and horrible jokes directed at your Christian faith? Do you have what it takes to speak out when someone is harassed because of their Christian faith, as Simmons has done?
Tebow has stood firm and I’m sure he will again. He is an inspiration to his teammates and fellow Christians.
Grace and Peace to you, Russell Lunsford