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April 2024

NEXT MEETING April 22, 2024
Fellowship Meal 7 p.m. (EDT)
Worship Service 8 p.m. (EDT)
First Christian Church Elizabethtown
1811 North Miles Street
Our Speaker: Stuart Jones, FCC Senior Minister

From its beginning in the home of a faithful Christian woman in 1877 to locations on West Dixie, North Mulberry, West Poplar and now North Miles, the story of First Christian is simple and consistent. It’s a story of believers working together to lead people closer to Jesus Christ. We do this by Loving God, Loving People, and Serving Others. Stuart Jones is in his 16th year as Senior Minister.

Thanks to Glendale Christian for hosting our March meeting. There were 127 men present from 23 congregations.

If your church would like to host our June or October meeting, please contact Secretary Mike Vaught at and Builder Editor, Charles Young at

When Memorial Day occurs on the FOURTH Monday of May, MFC meets on the THIRD Monday. The May 20 meeting will be at Hiseville Christian Church, 70 West Main Street, Hiseville.

May 20—Hiseville Christian (3rd Monday)
June 24—OPEN
July 22—Russell Springs Christian
August 26—Rolling Fork Christian
September 23—Burkesville First Christian
October 28—OPEN
November 25—Jamestown Christian

To ensure a smooth transition from the speaker’s message to our business session, copies of the Minutes and Financial Reports will now be available for pick up PRIOR to the start of the meeting.

Schedules for 2024 are available on the camp websites:

A minister had dinner at the home of a couple in his church. After he left, the wife said to the husband, “I think he stole our spoon!” This bothered her for a whole year. A year later, the couple had the minister for dinner again. Unable to resist, the wife asked, “Did you steal our spoon last year?” The minister replied, “No, I put it inside your Bible.” (Copied)

Every church sends a message through how they welcome and treat guests. Those with no strategy send the loudest message. “What we believe has not impacted how we treat you.” Not to be hospitable is to prove the message of God’s grace hasn’t impacted the totality of the church. Hospitality is the combination of two words: stranger and love. It literally means to show love to strangers and it is very biblical. God’s hospitality toward us is the foundation and motivation for our hospitality toward others. God loved us while we were still strangers. While we were His enemies, He pursued us. And now we are to accept others the way Christ has accepted us. Being hospitable is even a qualification for being a leader in the church (1 Timothy 3:2). Churches must have a plan for how they show love to those who are their guests. (Eric Geiger at

Just because your prayers weren’t answered the way you wanted doesn’t mean your prayers weren’t answered!

In 2017, just months after we acquired Christian Standard, the accountants informed us of a storage unit in Cincinnati that we were paying a monthly fee to maintain. To eliminate this expense, I assembled our editors to explore the storage unit and then to clean it out. What we found was priceless. Inside that dark, sterile unit were the contents of what had been the Standard Publishing library, including the archives and bound volumes of some products that went clear back to 1866, the year Christian Standard started. I wrote about that adventure after we recovered those artifacts and rehoused them in a library we created in Quincy, Illinois. You can read about it in “Raiders of the (Almost) Lost Artifacts” at

In our latest issue of Christian Standard, we sought to show the incredible value of the Restoration Movement’s history and how it frames where we are today and how that knowledge might help us to face the future. Christian Standard considers this history and our role in it as a sacred trust—and so does our benefactor, The Solomon Foundation. To that end, TSF has incorporated a brand-new library which will serve as the archive’s permanent home within its nearly completed phase-three construction project at its headquarters in Parker, Colorado. Dedication of this facility should occur this summer, and preparations are underway to move the archive from its present location in Illinois to its new permanent home in Colorado. We thank The Solomon Foundation for their shared passion for the preservation and curation of our history!

But the Restoration Movement is about much more than history. History is a foundation upon which to build a future, and Christian Standard is dedicated to an effective, God-honoring future for our movement and its leaders and churches. This is why we make our print magazine content available online for free, and why we have an online-only news operation, and why we now have decades of old issues of Christian Standard accessible to everyone via our website. We do that because we believe our content is an indispensable resource for great churches and committed Christ followers! We seek to eliminate all obstacles so that our readers and all Christians can access the resources and receive the encouragement that we so desperately need today.

I am so encouraged by the number of people who have been responding to our donation appeals! Your gifts are making an incredible difference in our ability to provide these resources to you. I am asking that the churches in our movement consider making Christian Standard Media part of your monthly mission support. No amount of support is too small, and as a thank-you, we will provide an annual print subscription to all churches and individuals for every $50 donated. Just click on the donate button at our website, fill in your gift amount, and we will gratefully send you our print magazine all year. Please include your email and street address to receive print copies.

Once again, thank you so much and pray for us as we continue to play a role in building the kingdom! (Jerry Harris, Publisher, Christian Standard Media)

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