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September 2022

Host: White Mills Christian Church
Meeting at: White Mills Christian Camp
154 Old Kentucky 84

Fellowship Meal at 7 P.M. (EDT)
General Meeting at 8 P.M. (EDT)
Speaker: David Mackie, Minister
Glenview Christian; Glasgow

October 24—Campbellsville Christian
November 28—Jamestown Christian

Thanks to Southern Heights Christian for hosting our August meeting. There were 62 men present from 16 congregations.

Meetings Average Attendance:
2020 (Feb./Mar) 126 from 27 churches.
2021 (May/Nov) 51 from 15 churches.
2022 (Jan/Aug) 75 from 19 churches.
After January and February 2020 meetings at Glendale and Columbia, no meetings were held until May 2021. Although 2022 has shown an increase in participation, we are still missing about 50 men and 8 churches at our meetings.

Science Hill Christian has located property for their new home. The property, visible from U.S 27 and Ky. 635, is located on East Frog Hollow Road. The church still has not settled with the state on their purchase of their existing property. Please keep the pending move and building project in your prayers.

White Mills Christian Church will observe its 162nd anniversary in October. The current building was completed in 1909. There are plans for a new facility. Bro. Tim Dennis has served as Senior Minister for 36 years.

1940—Our First Week. The “Christian Camper” was held in June at the White Mills Hotel. There were 37 people in attendance for the first ever full week of camp.
1949—We Bought a Camp. White Mills Christian Assembly was formed and the old White Mills Hotel property was purchased.
1954. After paying off the original debt on the property, new boy’s and girl’s dorms were built to house the increasing number of campers.
1965. For the first time ever more than 500 campers attended camp programs.
1974. Chief Perkins was hired as the camp’s first year-round camp manager.
1982. White Mills Christian Assembly changes its name to White Mills Christian Camp.
1983. Ron Heller was named Camp Director and served until 2002.
1987. More than 1,000 campers attend in a single summer.
1997. In March the surrounding Nolin River flooded and reached the old hotel.
2005. Ben Fulcher named Camp Director.
2009. The camp was beneficiary of an estate which allowed for the retirement of the Retreat Center debt and the building of a new pool facility.
2011. For the first time ever more than 1500 campers attended in a single summer.
2017. More than 55 Christian Churches come together to support and take part in camp ministry.
2022. The camp keeps growing and growing with programs for young and “older” adult campers.

Christian Church of the Crossroads in Mount Washington observed its FIFTH anniversary September 18. John Parkey serves as the minister.

Journey Christian Church in Shepherdsville will celebrate TWELVE years October 10. Jeremy Willis continues to serve as the minister.

Elevate Christian Church in Lexington celebrated their FIRST year September 11. One year ago, we started with 30 people meeting with a calling to reach families in South Lexington, and as of last week, we sit at 80 people with the same mission. Right now, we have an online Bible study, two women’s Bible studies that 80% of our ladies are a part of, and five community groups meeting in each other’s homes, all of which have increased since the start. We have decided to partner further with Lexington Christian Academy and move our offices to LCA’s campus. They have given us a small building to renovate to make the home of Elevate for the near future. I want to thank Men for Christ for believing in church planting and picking Elevate as the next church plant. We feel honored to be a part of your community and look forward to the future of this partnership.
–Rob Harlamert, Lead Minister

One might better try to sail the Atlantic in a paper boat than try to get to heaven on good works. (Charles Spurgeon)
The question should not be “What can my church do for me?” but “What can I do for my church?”
The only way we can serve God is to read and trust God’s Word and live it. (On wall of flood-damaged Neon, KY Pentecostal Church)

God’s delays are not His denials.

Two words in a Christian’s language cannot go together: “No, Lord.” If you say no to God, He is not your Lord. If He really is your Lord, your answer must always be “Yes, Lord.” (Experiencing God by Henry, Richard and Mike Blackaby, Claude V. King)

“Do nothing that you would not like God to see.
Say nothing you would not like God to hear.
Write nothing you would not like God to read.
Go no place where you would not like God to find you.
Read no book of which you would not like God to say, “Show it to Me.”
Never spend your time in such a way that you would not like to have God say, “What are you doing?””

New Life Christian in Bradfordsville will hold a revival meeting September 28 and 29 at 7 p.m. each night. All are welcome!

We need loyal, dedicated men to serve as members of the Executive Committee. If you have a heart for service and would like to be considered for a position next year, please sign up on the sheet which will be available at the White Mills meeting.

What kind of cell phone did Delilah use? Samson!
Why did Noah never go fishing? He only had two worms!
At what time of day was Adam created? A little before Eve!
What kind of person was Boaz before he married? Ruthless!

The Builder is published monthly by Kentucky Men for Christ
Editor: Charles Young Publisher: Judy Clay
c/o Indian Hills Christian Church
1200 Lexington Road
Danville, KY 40422

2019 Meeting Notes

Date Location Speaker Congregations
January 28 Glendale Christian Carroll Egnew 25 107
February 25 Columbia Christian Rodney Booe 24 132
March 25 Science Hill Christian Kim Beckwith 24 97
April 22 Victory Christian Jim Cooper 23 94
May 20 Mt. Moriah Frank Preston 22 88
June 24 Mackville David Kibler 27 123
July 22 Rolling Fork Jeremy Willis & John Parkey 26 105
August 26 White Mills Larry “Fella” Wilson 26 122
September 23 Lebanon Christian Brent Godsey 25 110
October 28 Campbellsville Christian Joe Tipton 29 129
November 25 Jamestown Christian Jackie Miller 23 124

2018 Meeting Notes

Date Location Speaker Congregations Represented Total Attendance
January 22 McKinney Christian Bill Welker 25 102
February 26 Columbia Christian Fred Mitchell 26 131
March 26 Egypt Christian Justin Boyd 28 155
April 23 First Christian Elizabethtown Bob Russell 33 192
May 21 Indian Hills Christian Doug Martin 25 120
June 25 Mackville Christian Joe Earl Brown 25 118
July 23 Russell Springs Christian John Davis 26 130
August 27 Glendale Christian Jeremy Willis 25 135
September 24 Southern Heights John Parkey 19 89
October 22 Graefenburg Mike Currans 20 77
November 26 Jamestown Carl Gabhart 21 108

2017 Meeting Notes

Date Location Speaker Congregations
January 23 McKinney Christian Jason “Bucky” Walters 24 124
February 27 Columbia Christian Dr. Tom Mobley 31 149
March 27 Woodlawn Christian Greg Comp 24 132
April 24 White Mills Christian Paul Patton 24 121
May 22 Moreland Christian John Parkey 23 123
June 26 Mackville Christian Pat Massie 24 111
July 24 Rolling Fork Christia Terry Cooper 24 135
August 28 Jamestown Christian Lance Ladd 26 138
September 25 Glenview Christian Dr. David Faust 23 108
October 23 Campbellsville Christian Bryan Hay 23 119
November 27 Journey Christian Joe Hatchett 20 90
Av. 24 Av. 123

2016 Meeting Notes

Date Location Speaker Congregations
February 22 Columbia Christian Church Tommy Simpson 28 131
March 28 Egypt Christian Church Brian Bolton 25 110
April 25 Elizabethtown First Christian Church Jeremy Willis 24 137
May 23 Moreland Christian Church Brad Walden 25 126
June 27 Mackville Christian Church Jackie Miller 22 106
July 25 McKinney Christian Church Joe Cooper 24 113
August 22 Southern Heights Christian Church MIke Schrage 22 87
September 26 Science Hill Christian Church Greg Warren 20 92
October 24 Campbellsville Christian Church Stuart Jones 29 149
November 28 Indian Hills Christian Church David Smith 25 145