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February 2024

NEXT MEETING February 26, 2024
7 p.m. (EST)
Columbia Christian Church

Our Speaker: Joe Tipton, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Monticello
Joe is originally from Wilmore, KY. He is an Asbury University graduate and holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership from Cincinnati Christian University. He had two successful youth ministries at The Carpenter’s Christian Church in Harrodsburg, Ky and Jessamine Christian Church in Nicholasville, Ky. In 2008, he was promoted to Associate Minister at Jessamine Christian Church and began a ministry of preaching and teaching. Joe started at FCC in August of 2011.His primary areas are preaching and leadership.
Joe is an avid sports fan (Go Cats!), basketball official, and golfer. Joe is married to his wife Jamie and they have three sons, Canon, and twins Jack and Andrew. His hobbies are reading, music and golf.

Thanks to White Mills Christian for hosting our January meeting. There were 81 men present from 20 congregations.

If your church would like to host a meeting, please contact Secretary Mike Vaught at and Builder Editor, Charles Young at

March 25—Glendale Christian
April 22—Elizabethtown First Christian
May 20—Hiseville Christian (3rd Monday)
June 24—OPEN
July 22—Russell Springs Christian
August 26—Rolling Fork Christian
September 23—OPEN
October 28—OPEN
November 25—Jamestown Christian

Long before Zaccheaus couldn’t see Jesus the tree was already planted to meet his needs.
Be careful how you use words and time. You can’t get either of them back.
Often the best thing about not saying anything is that it can’t be repeated!
By the time a man realizes that his father was right, he has a son who thinks he’s wrong!
You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

Father, let me be a pillar of strength to help hold up my minister and not a thorn in his flesh to sap his strength, or a burden on his back to weigh him down. Let me support him without striving to possess him. Let me lift his hands without shackling them. Let me give him any help that he may devote more time to working for the salvation of others and less time to gratifying my vanity. Let me work for him as the minister of all the members and not compel him to spend precious time in pleasing me. Let me be unselfish in what I do for him and in what I ask him to do for me.

The story is told of the boy who took his cap pistol to church and fired it in the middle of a boring sermon. The father grabbed him by the arm and started to lead him out of the church. An elderly woman whispered to the father “I hope you are not going to whip that boy. He’s scared the devil out of more people than the preacher has in years.”

“Mother,” said Johnny, “is dad going to heaven?” “Why, son?” “Well,” Johnny replied, “in all the pictures of angels I’ve ever seen they don’t have a beard, and daddy has one.” “Well,” sad mother, “if your father gets there it’ll probably be by a close shave.”

Louisville Bible College (LBC) hosted a Celebration Service on Feb. 3 at Life Bridge Christian Church adjacent to the LBC campus, wrapping up the college’s 75th anniversary observance in 2023. Since 1948, Louisville Bible College has been committed to “Educating preachers and other Christian leaders for Christ’s church.” Due to a debt load of hundreds of thousands of dollars, LBC did not hold classes in 2015-16. However, under the leadership of Dr. Tom Mobley, who returned for a second tenure as president of LBC, the college “rebooted” with classes resuming in the fall of 2016. Eliminating all college debt was a key factor in the rebooting process. In 2018, Christian Financial Resources entered into a 15-year loan agreement with LBC to underwrite the college’s indebtedness. LBC was able to pay ahead on the loan and in November 2022 refinanced the remaining debt with the Christian Restoration Association at 0 percent interest, part of CRA’s Recycled Riches program. John Mitchell, CRA’s executive director, said, “It was a true privilege for the Christian Restoration Association to assist LBC in their debt-free campaign by providing them with one of our Recycled Riches loans. We were thrilled to take advantage of the opportunity to partner together to advance the mission of LBC.” In conjunction with its 75th-year anniversary, LBC launched a fund-raising campaign, “With an Eye to the Future,” to raise $75,000 to help eliminate its remaining debt. As only God can do, the goal was not only met, but enough funds were donated to erase the college debt completely! With its debt eliminated, the college is now looking to the future and to the effective fulfillment of its mission. A task force is currently working to present recommendations for future ministry opportunities to the Board of Regents. Special attention will be given to student recruitment, IT needs, and operational systems. As LBC’s bright future unfolds, President Kerry Allen and the administration team, along with the Board of Regents, recognize the gracious hand of God that has brought about this tremendous blessing, and are committed to operating debt-free in the years to come. (Christian Standard, 2-14-24)

If weather conditions require the cancellation of our meetings, information will be posted on the website. You may also contact any member of the Executive Committee.

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